The Unfinished Business Redband Trailer Is Filthy, Sexual And Hilarious

We've already been treated to a red-brand trailer for Vince Vaughn's upstart office comedy Unfinished Business, but just to let everyone know exactly how raunchy and filthy it is, a new red-band trailer has just dropped, and you can check it out below!

Big thanks go out to Fox for dropping this filthy and fantastic trailer in the middle of a night that promises previews for some of the biggest movies coming in the next few months. What's readily apparent from this trailer to Unfinished Business is that it's more unconventional than the rest of the pack, but also not afraid to revel in it a bit. After all, it isn't every film that uses Lonely Island's Like A Boss in its exact context.

In a swift move of marketing brilliance, the folks behind Unfinished Business took specific moments from the SNL Digital Short and set them to appropriate moments that occur throughout the Vince Vaughn comedy. Talking to corporate, calling a sex line, even crying deeply all factor in to the film's plot in a mad twist of fate, and it works to a tee. In case you haven't seen it in a while, or if you just want a good laugh, you can revisit Like A Boss below.

While most studios have been dropping spots left and right throughout this past week, and others have reserved their big thrills for the big game, Fox has pulled a fast one by dropping such a raunchy piece of counter programming during the Super Bowl - and this is exactly what Unfinished Business looks like it's aiming for in its marketing release strategy as well. The film opens the same weekend as Neill Blomkamp's Chappie, and udging by what's available for both films thus far, it looks like Unfinished Business has the advantage – on the count of Chappie doesn't have Nick Frost parading about in leather, nor does it have Tom Wilkinson dangling a bag of cocaine. If there's anything that sums up just how subversively funny this movie looks, it would be that.

March is a good proving ground for untested properties, and in a year as stacked as 2015, it's not hard to think that Unfinished Business would have opened in a summer slot, if it wasn't for the embarrassment of riches Hollywood has bestowed upon us during the hotter months. We'll see what Vince Vaughn and company are made of when Unfinished Business opens up shop on March 6th. Stay tuned for more breaking Super Bowl trailers, as we'll be breaking them as they air.

Mike Reyes
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