Universal Studios has a couple of science-fiction projects on the horizon, from Tom Cruise’s soon-to-be-released Oblivion to the next chapter in the Riddick saga, with Vin Diesel back in intergalactic, butt-kicking mode. But the studio’s about to put its chips behind yet another original sci-fi pitch, this time from a creative duo with a number of profitable projects on their resume.

The studio, according to Deadline, has picked up a pitch from Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci for a movie titled Sagittarius A, which the duo will co-produce. There are no plot details in the trade story, though Deadline notes that screenwriter Steven Karczynski (who penned the Black List script The Umbra) will handle screenwriting duties on the effort.

So what do we know about Kurtzman and Orci? A lot, actually. They’ve been writing together since high school, and over an 18 year period, have contributed scripts for such major studio blockbusters as Michael Bay’s Transformers movies, J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboot – as well as the director’s Mission: Impossible sequel -- and Marc Webb’s upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2. They frequently dabble in science-fiction in their storylines, and could have a very interesting idea at play in Sagittarius A, though it’s far too early to speculate on what the movie might be about or where the story could take the audience. But this pitch follows along with a first-look deal Kurtzman and Orci recently signed with Universal – a deal that’s sure to be extended if Sagittarius goes on to be a huge hit. We’ll keep you posted on developments as they surface.

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