Star Trek's Alex Kurtzman Offers Update On Whether A Deep Space Nine Revival Could Happen In The New Era

The Star Trek: Deep Space Nine cast
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Paramount+ subscribers have a lot of new Star Trek content coming to them in the years to come, but that doesn’t mean fans would turn away even more content. Especially when it comes to more revival-esque projects, as there are many fans interested in seeing Deep Space Nine and/or its characters could return for a revival of some kind, especially after it was revealed that the Lower Decks crew will visit the outpost in Season 3. Alex Kurtzman was put on the spot about making more DS9 content, and gave San Diego Comic-Con attendees a fairly surprising update. 

Star Trek has already reflected on the past with meaningful shows and storylines for characters featured in The Next Generation and Voyager, but Deep Space Nine hasn’t received as much attention to this point. It sounds like that might soon change, with CinemaBlend present at the SDCC Star Trek panel to hear Kurtzman’s intriguing response to a fan who asked for more new content focusing on Deep Space Nine’s characters. In his words:

Um, I’m trying to answer your question without revealing anything. I think we’re always having conversations about the history of Star Trek, and obviously, Sisko is a critical, critical figure for everybody. Conversations definitely have been had.

It’s certainly interesting to hear Alex Kurtzman bringing up the character Sisko specifically, as actor Avery Brooks hasn’t made Hollywood a full priority in the past decade. Seeing him return as Sisko, especially in live-action, would be quite a rare treat and maybe the most unexpected return of a Star Trek character from that particular project. It’s possible Kurtzman and others are trying to make something happen, but whether it’s bringing Brooks back to the franchise, or something else entirely, we can’t be sure. But the point is, something is happening, or else he wouldn't have been so intentionally vague, right?

Alex Kurtzman made it clear there are conversations happening, but was also clear on another point to San Diego Comic-Con attendees. There won’t be a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine continuation or spinoff just for the sake of it existing as fan service. Kurtzman explained in detail what they seek to do with every project, saying:

What I’ll tell you is that, for us, we don’t want to just launch into something without knowing oh we have now a new idea, a reason to do it, and a way to turn it in a new direction so it’s not just repeating the thing you’ve seen before. It’s also honoring the thing that you love. So, if we ever do go down that road other than what we’re already doing on Lower Decks, I think we would all want to make sure that it was coming from that place of being able to tell the new story while honoring the old one.

When CinemaBlend attended Star Trek: Mission Chicago earlier this year, members of the Deep Space Nine cast were asked about reprising their roles in the new generation of shows on Paramount+. Nana Visitor (who is gaining all sorts of new fans in the modern era for one specific reason) and some of her fellow co-stars noted some interest in making it happen, but wanted DS9 showrunner Ira Steven Behr involved for sure.

It seems like both Star Trek creatives, and the actors behind DS9, have specific requests on hand for bringing a follow-up project to life. So while those conversations may ultimately result in nothing, we’ll be waiting eagerly to see what is announced in the years to come. The good news is that Lower Decks will be bringing some sort of homage to the Deep Space Nine universe soon, and given Mike McMahan’s love for all things Trek, it should be a great and memorable tribute. 

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is available to stream on Paramount+. Head to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to see what other new and returning shows are on the way.

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