On February 1st Warm Bodies, the new film by director Jonathan Levine, will arrive in theaters to tell the story of two star-crossed lovers on either side of the zombie apocalypse. It's an interesting take on the classic William Shakespeare play Romeo and Juliet, but strangely it's not the only one that will be coming out this year. On March 15th writer/director Juan Diego Solanas' Upside Down will come out and tell the story of two star-crossed lovers separated by gravity.

We saw an international trailer for the sci-fi romance story all the way back in January of last year (the film has already been released in many regions), but with its limited American release imminent a brand new domestic spot has arrived online, courtesy of Millennium Entertainment. Watch it below!

Upside Down is set in a solar systemwhere two twin planets have become closely aligned, but maintain their individual gravitational forces. The worlds are strictly divided by class, with the Up planet rich and plentiful while the Down planet is forced to struggle and try to survive. Due to the differences between them, contact between people on either world is forbidden, but when Adam (Jim Sturgess), who comes from Down, and Eden (Kristen Dunst), who comes from up, begin to meet each other in secret they can't help but fall for each other. But when their relationship is discovered they are forced to go on the run, driven by their undying love for one another and willing to do anything.

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