Uwe Boll Is A Nazi Guard In This Auschwitz Teaser

If you’ve seen just one Uwe Boll film, you’ll know just how unbearable they are to watch. His directing gets the worst possible performances from even the best actors, and his movies always look like they were shot for a high school AV Club project. He is talentless, but through some crazy German tax loophole this guy still gets money to make movies.

A bit of sleuthing shows us that he is responsible for losing at the very least $45 million for his films' investors, and that’s not including the money he lost on his films that haven’t even appeared in theaters. The man is a nightmare, and in this clip from his next film Auschwitz he appears himself as a Nazi death camp guard, further cementing himself as the worst German alive.

This clip surfaced over at Twitch and it’s possibly the worst minute of footage Boll’s ever shot. It opens in a faux-artistic slow push on Boll himself leaning against the door of a gas chamber full of naked Jews, not giving one single crap about what’s going on inside as evidenced by the fact that he looks asleep on the job. Trying and failing horribly to be at all shocking, the clip begs for us to be appalled by flashing (make no mistake, this clip is poorly edited) past clips of old naked people and teeth getting pulled.

If you’ve ever seen a shittier clip than the one below, I’ll be shocked. This clip is NSFW due to nudity, so be warned.