It’s hard to imagine Bryan Singer making a bad movie, but the buzz surrounding his new Nazi film with Tom Cruise, is not particularly good. That only makes it more suspicious that it’s taken till now, only three months before release, for Valkyrie to finally get a poster. Normally whenever Tom Cruise does something, they get a one sheet with his profile plastered on it stat.

At least the one sheet is a good one. They’ve resisted the standard Tom Cruise movie profile shot, and gone with something sort of stylistic and retro. I love the way the only hint at the Swastika, with a big red jagged line running down the middle. If you ignore the subtle Swastika and squint a little though, with the triangle formation character pose at the bottom, this could almost be the poster for a new X-Men movie. If only. See it below:

For new stills from Valkyrie, visit our image gallery or click on one of the thumbnails below:

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