Vampire Academy Clip Shows Christian Getting Fired Up

Once again, a clip from Vampire Academy focuses — at least in part — on the troublesome Mia Rinaldi (Sami Gayle). And as the clip reveals, it seems her class disruption leads to a demonstration of Christian Ozera's (Dominic Sherwood) ability the manipulate fire. Because these are things that might happen at St. Vladimirs, where vampires have special abilities and occasionally hot tempers.

Following up on the previously released clip for the feature adaptation of Richelle Mead's novel, all signs point toward Mia having a flare for the dramatics. Case in point, she might take obvious pleasure in having a note she wrote read aloud to embarrass Lissa (Lucy Fry), which sets off Lissa's best friend Rose (Zoey Duetch), which sets off a couple of guys who call Rose a blood whore -- an especially derogatory term used for Dhampirs, as you might have guessed -- which sets off Christian. Because teenagers are teenagers and high school is high school, even when it's a high school for vampires, which is the case with St. Vladimirs, the titular Vampire Academy, where peaceful (though not always friendly) Moroi vampires and the half-human/half-vampire Dhampirs training to protect them.

Here's the previously released clip, which also emphasized tension and a bit of melodrama…

Not sure what's worse, Rose's fist or Christian's fire…


Finally, those who have it in them to choose a side might want to head over to MTV to vote for the final round in their movie brawl. It's down to Vampire Academy vs. Veronica Mars. As a fan of both, I'm staying neutral on this one. The tournament ends in just under twenty hours, so rally your favorite Dhampir friends (or Marshmallows, if you're Team Mars) and get to voting!

Or show your love for Vampire Academy by seeing the film when it hits theaters February 7.


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