Vampire Academy Gets A New Poster And Some Fun Set Videos

Vampire Academy poster

A new poster for the feature adaptation of Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy has made its way online, showing off the two lead characters, who "suck at school." But that's ok, because at St. Vladamir's, sucking is pretty standard behavior, at least for the vampires among the student body. That applies to Lucy Fry's character Lissa, shown on the right in the above poster. She's a Moroi vampire who's best friends with Rose Hathaway (Zoey Deutch, left) a Dhampir or half-human/half-vampire also attending the academy.

Mead's series of novels take place at St. Vladimir's Academy, a school for the peaceful Moroi vampires and the Dhampirs who are in training to protect the Moroi against the evil Strigoi vampires. Just to be clear, the Moroi are living vampires, so they age, can eat human food and aren't violent. It's the Strigoi that are the more traditional vamps, in that they're soulless, allergic to sunlight and not averse to drinking a person dry, whether it be a human, a Dhampir or a Moroi vampire. The above poster, which has a fun sort of pop-art style to it, comes courtesy of Yahoo, who credits all of the fans who tweeted tirelessly to unlock this latest bit of promotional material. It's worth pointing out that the poster gives a nod to the film's screenwriter and director, brothers Daniel (writer) and Mark (director) Waters, the latter of whom directed Mean Girls while the former wrote the classic 80s dark comedy Heathers. We actually spoke with Daniel Waters about his work writing the screenplay for Vampire Academy. Read all about that here.

And in related news, there are videos from the set circulating, which give us a look behind the scenes of this adaptation and check in with the cast members portraying the characters in Mead's novel.

Entertainment Tonight's set video shows the cast talking about how they're like their characters…

Deutch tells it like it is, Kozlovsky is romantic and Fry is sensitive. And from the sound of it, Sarah Hyland's not much like her character Natalie. I'd like to comment on that, but it's pretty impossible without alluding to spoilers, so we'll leave it at that.

MTV's set video shows the cast's goofier side.

Vampire Academy arrives in theaters this Valentine's Day. Check out the film's first fang-filled trailer here.

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