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There’s a scene in Coraline where she’s smashing bugs on the wall. You’ve probably seen it in all the trailers, they’re pushing it as if it’s the coolest thing ever. Meanwhile it’s probably the worst scene in the movie, not just because it doesn’t make any sense but because it’s pretty poorly animated. Coraline’s arms go all Gumby and for some bizarre reason she decides to smash bugs with her bare hands, splattering guts all over the place even though she’s supposed to be scared to death of them.

It’s a terrible scene, and in no way representative of the film. So it’s lucky that someone in the movie’s marketing department has finally dropped it as one of their chief promotional tools. The bug smashing scene is nowhere to be found in the following six clips from Coraline. Instead you’ll see some of the movie’s better moments and may, in fact, after watching them want to see it. Give them a look: