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Sure, the Internet gets all excited every time a teaser trailer for some big new movie is released. But lets be honest-- we always kinda know what we're getting into even before we press play. You know, the serious sounding music, the cryptic shots of the movie's main actors, the sense that something HUGE is happening and the realization that they're definitely not going to show you exactly what that huge thing is. Still not sure what I'm talking about? You will after watching the below video from Cracked, appropriately dubbed "Every Teaser Trailer Ever":

Even though the director title J. Night Shyabrams is funny, it does seem to kind of unfairly exonerate Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich, whose movies make up a solid half of these clips. But I like how easily everything fits into the generic format we all know even if we couldn't describe it. Makes that Hunger Games teaser seem a whole lot more revealing, doesn't it?

Pay special attention to the credits at the end, since they're all funny. I particularly enjoy the shout-out to "Shia LaBeouf's Stupid Yellow Car" as Associate Producer, and the fact that Nic Cage gets two credits, because come on, he deserves them. And let's ask ourselves a question-- if they showed this trailer before a giant summer blockbuster in a theater, would anybody notice? I'm thinking they could get away with it.