Video: One Of Very Few Not Gross Scenes From Human Centipede

For those of you willfully keeping your blinders on about Human Centipede, just navigate away from this post right now. This exclusive clip that premiered over at Shock Til You Drop isn't going to gross out or disgust, but it will remind you that this movie exists and that might be enough to send you running to the toilet.

The clip features the notorious Dr. Heiter and his two newest victims, whose flat tire turns into much more. The doctor proceeds to drug the girls and use them for parts two and three of his so-called "human centipede", created by sewing three subjects together...wait for it....mouth to anus. Meaning that when one defecates, the next has to swallow it. Good luck if you are ever brave enough to check this one out. For now, enjoy this one of very few scenes from the movie that isn't utterly gross.

Human Centipede will be in theaters via IFC April 30.