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In its spectacular, sublime dumbness and disregard for logic, this winter's thriller Unknown was pretty much unbeatable. And while the cast of Liam Neeson, Diane Kruger, January Jones, Aidan Quinn, Bruno Ganz and Frank Langella took the crazy ball and ran with it, you know what could have upped things even more? The infinite manly presence of Vin Diesel. Now the writers of Unknown, Oliver Butcher and Stephen Cornwell, have tracked down Dominic Torretto on his secluded beach somewhere, and according to Variety will team up with Diesel for an untitled action thriller, which he'll star in as well as produce.

There's no more plot details to go on from there, since this is all coming together based on a pitch from the writers, so nothing is keeping me from imagining this as a remake of Unknown, in which Diesel is the one who wakes up stripped of his identity in a Berlin hospital. Yes, it would take a little more work to make him seem like a humble and quiet doctor on his way to a biotech summit, and you'd probably have to replace January Jones with a wife wearing about half as much clothing, but just think of the mayhem that would ensue once he broke out of that hospital. Liam Neeson's short reign as the King of Stomping Around Europe would surely end the moment Diesel issued a one-liner and snapped some imperious guard's neck.

OK, so maybe the movie won't in fact be a remake of Unknown, but we've got so little to go on that you can forgive me for speculating. As for Diesel, ever since the phenomenal success of Fast Five earlier this year -- it's grossed nearly twice what its predecessor did at $600 million worldwide-- he's been keeping a pretty low profile, presumably spending all his new cash on the kinds of things Vin Diesel would spend money on. In May he was still promising the third Chronicles of Riddick movie that I guess he now has the power to make, but even if that long-promised film does make his planned summer start date, he'd have plenty of time to finish up, move on to this project and then probably another Fast installment after that. It's probably always been good to be Vin Diesel, but 2011 is looking like an especially good year for the guy.