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If only the story behind this new trailer were true. George Lucas Strikes Back supposes that George Lucas was kidnapped after making the original Star Wars and Indiana Jones trilogies, and that Phantom Menace et al. were created by an impostor bent on ruining Lucas’ good name. Were that the case, the uprising upon real Lucas’s return would be monumental. Alas, I’m fairly certain the real George Lucas has been around the whole time, and that he is still to blame.

The trailer runs just over three minutes and is clever from beginning to end. Making witty puns on the original scripts and frequently taking inspiration from Chan-wook Park’s opus Old Boy, George Lucas Strikes Back is at least the funniest thing you’ll see today provided that you have a deep seeded love/hate relationship with the man who started it all.

Bravo to the Slick Gigolo team for giving us another reason (albeit fake) to love George Lucas. Head over to their website for more hilarious skits to round out your day with.