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I think that something may have happened to Ving Rhames on the set of Piranha 3D. Last we heard he was giving a radio interview and freaking out about the piranhas that were out to get him...after filming had wrapped. Now he's accepting his Oscar in the newest Funny or Die video and, to say the least, it doesn't seem like he's all there.

Sure, we all think that Ving deserved an Oscar for his performances in both Pulp Fiction and Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot, but he doesn't seem to be in a good place. Between his extended make-out session with Elizabeth Shue, carrying his tux on a hanger instead of wearing it, and talking about melting down his Oscar into a gold chain, I think that it's time for him to find the help he needs. Our prayers are with you, Ving.

Check out the video below.

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