Subscribe To Visit The Hellfire Club In New X-Men: First Class Image Updates
Glimpsed only briefly in the film's first trailer that hit last month, Kevin Bacon's character Sebastian Shaw is front and center in the new X-Men: First Class image debuting at Empire Online. It's our first look at the interior of the Hellfire Club, described as the headquarters of "the decadent mutant bastards" led by Shaw and his go-to girl, January Jones's Emma Frost. Both are standing in the middle of the mirrored, blue-lit room in the image, which you can see below.

It's a good look, and I can see some enterprising club owners planning right now how to open their own "Hellfire Club," in which every bar table looks lit the fluorescent tube thing you see standing behind the two actors. The trailer gave a sense that Matthew Vaughn's film would have a great sense of both period setting and generally awesome mutant locations, and this fits right in with the high hopes on that front. For more on X-Men: First Class, including every new image as we get them, visit our Blend Film Database.

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