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Wahlberg And DiCaprio Planning To Shoot Cocaine?

Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio are teaming up again. It seems every time the two get together there’s violence involved (The Basketball Diaries and The Departed), but this time the focus will be on drugs as the duo have signed on to appear in a film adaptation of documentary Cocaine Cowboys. Don't worry. I'm sure there will still be violence of some sort.

The original documentary looked at the story of Jon Roberts, the largest drug trafficker in Miami through the 1970s and ‘80s. Mark Wahlberg will appear as Roberts with DiCaprio appearing in a supporting role as a airplane pilot who travels with Roberts to get coke from Pablo Escobar. You’d think with rival movies already shooting Escobar’s story, studios would be steering clear of the figure right now, wouldn’t you?

The news comes according to Page Six. Yes, that’s right, Page Six, which means credibility pretty much goes out the window. Hell, they’re even running a denial from DiCaprio’s representatives in the same story, so who knows how much of this is accurate. Still, Leo and Marky Mark have teamed up twice before, so another movie featuring the two wouldn’t be completely unbelievable. It just may not be this movie, at least according to Leo’s peeps.