Warm Bodies Clips Show Zombies Attacking And A Funny Moment Between Julie And R

Warm Bodies will arrive in theaters in just a few weeks. We've already gotten plenty of glimpses of the movie, between the previously released trailers and the more recently released four-minute clip, which introduced us to Nicholas Hoult's zombie character R. Some new clips and a few B-roll videos have made their way online, giving us even more to look at from the movie in anticipation of its February release.

Set to arrive in theaters early next month, Warm Bodies is directed by Jonathan Levine (50/50), based on a novel by Isaac Marion. The story follows R (Nicholas Hoult), a zombie who falls for living girl Julie (Teresa Palmer). Also among the cast are Rob Corddry as R's zombie friend M, John Malkovich as Julie's father, General Grigio, Analeigh Tipton as Julie's friend Nora and Dave Franco as Julie's boyfriend Perry. All of the above are featured in the new videos, though Malkovich doesn't appear in the actual clips, which is what we're showing you first.

This one shows Nora, Perry and Julie out scavenging for pharmaceuticals when they're attacked by zombies.

It looks like Perry's true to form in being by the book and all orders-following.

And this one gives us a better look at the scene featured in the trailer, which has R encouraging Julie to pretend she's dead, which leads to her humorous over-exaggeration of a zombie impersonation.

Put together, the two clip do a nice job of capturing two of the three tones of the story, with suspense (and a little zombie violence) being one of them and humor another. The third is romance, but there isn't a lot of that on display here.

After the jump, those who want a look behind the scenes can check out some B-roll videos. There are a few snippets worth checking out in these videos, which give us a look at some of the sets and props in addition to some scenes being shot. You'll see a couple of humorous moments featured in the second one, and there's a brief scene being shot between Julie and Grigio in the third one, where she's trying to explain to him that something is changing with the zombies.

Warm Bodies arrives in theaters February 1. More information, photos and videos (including the first four minutes of the movie) can be found in our Blend Film Database.

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