Ruben Fleischer's slowly building career took a bit of a left turn this summer, when the August release 30 Minutes or Less did just modest box office with just $37 million, and as funny as it was, seemed mighty silly for a guy who had been offered Mission: Impossible 4 but made this movie intend. I say good on Fleischer for going with his gut and making the movie he wanted to make, and waiting for his next move to be the big one toward prestige-- Gangster Squad, the 1940s-set drama about crooked cops starring Ryan Gosling, Sean Penn, Josh Brolin, Anthony Mackie, Nick Nolte and Emma Stone.

The movie is shooting now in Los Angeles, and apparently Warner Bros. likes what they're seeing so far-- Deadline reports the studio is planning an October 19, 2012 release date for the film. With a cast like that and fascinating subject matter, a fall release pretty much only means one thing: Oscar hopes. It's way, way too early to predict how that might shake out, but when the For Your Consideration ads for Emma Stone start popping up next December, you'll know you heard it here first.

And in other Warner Bros. release date news, the Zac Efron drama The Lucky One-- an adaptation of yet another weepy Nicholas Sparks novel-- was bumped from an August 12 release next year up to April 20. That's pretty much a lateral move in terms of release date mojo, with each slot being in a relatively slow but not totally unpopular moviegoing period. It's been over a year since Efron starred in a film, though, so his April return will be just that much sooner for his remaining legions of fans.

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