You may have to strap on your memory caps for this one, because it's going to take you back a few years. At Sundance 2010 - that's over two years ago now - our own Katey Rich got to see the film HIGH School, a comedy about two friends who have to get their whole school to take marijuana so that they don't flunk a drug test (in her review she called the film a "crowdpleaser for a large crowd"). A few months later - on 4/20/10 - the first teaser trailer arrived and featured little footage from the film with the exception of a psychotic-looking Adrian Brody ranting into camera. Since then we've heard practically nothing about when we might get a chance to see it for ourselves, but now that it actually has a release date a brand new theatrical trailer has made its way online.

You can watch the preview below and see in in HD over on Apple.

HIGH School follows the story of Henry Burke (Matt Bush), a young man who is the valedictorian of his class and on his way to MIT. But when a friend named Travis (Sean Marquette) convinces him to try marijuana for the first time, it leads to a mess of trouble. The school's principal (Michael Chiklis), who believes that pot is the problem with today's youth, orders that every student be drug tested and those that test positive will be expelled. Not wanting to ruin his future, Henry and Travis make a plan to get the entire school to test positive so that nobody can be punished. The movie, directed by John Stalberg Jr., also stars Colin Hanks, Adhir Kalyan, Mykelti Williamson and Adrian Brody. Look for it when it heads to theaters on June 1st.

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