Everyone loves dreaming up darker or more twisted versions of Disney fairy tales. Hell, Disney loves doing it themselves, with darker versions of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty on the way. But I don't think anyone has ever done it as cleverly, and as mind-bogglingly on their own, as YouTube user "Paint," who puts his vocal skills and cynicism to work in this video.

Jon Cozart, a.k.a. Paint, has posted any number of clever videos at his YouTube page, and before you ask, yes, one of them is a Glee audition tape. One of the other best, though without quite the mind-blowing editing skills of the Disney one, is a 99-second recap of the Lord of the Rings series, also set to songs you'll immediately recognize. Take a look at that one below:

You know what? This kid is too good for Glee. Yes, that's how fellow YouTube sensation Darren Criss got his big break, but at this point, there's got to be a better home for talented singing kids on the Internet than creaky old Glee. Anyone who's got a movie idea for an insanely talented kid like this should leave a comment. Or, y'know, just give this kid a Kickstarter to make his own movie, because he's clearly got the talent.

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