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Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Quote His Own Movies For Our Amusement

Whether it be for prank calling purposes or simply our own personal amusement, those Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboards exist for a reason. The Austrian actor has a distinctive accent and a vast catalog of great movie lines. And while many of us probably think we do a pretty great Schwarzenegger impersonation, none are quite as spot-on as the man himself. Via EW, Schwarzenegger took to Reddit to share a series of videos of himself quoting some of his most beloved movie lines.

Schwarzenegger got fans warmed up with a line and a plug for his latest movie Escape Plan with a line that's featured in the trailer for the film:

Then he takes it back to 1996 with a quote from Jingle All the Way, a classic holiday film… in some circles. (Ok, maybe in my circle…):

That's followed with another funny line, this one from Kindergarden Cop:

And then he toughens up a bit, going even older-school for Conan:

Next up, The Running Man

He goes back to Kindergarden Cop for the next one, and includes a shout-out to the husband of one Redditor:

For reference, the original request was "PLease do "It's not a tumor" from Kindergarten Cop. My husband 1LT Dave Johnson, is a HUUUGE fan of yours and is downrange in Afghanistan with the US Army's 2nd Cav Regiment. If you would shout out to him, he'd just love it!"

And then it's "Get to the Choppa!" from Predator:

Finally, he finishes it up with a thanks and a promise that… well, you'll see:

Escape Plan is in theaters now. Sean gave it three stars. You can read his review here.