Whether it be for prank calling purposes or simply our own personal amusement, those Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboards exist for a reason. The Austrian actor has a distinctive accent and a vast catalog of great movie lines. And while many of us probably think we do a pretty great Schwarzenegger impersonation, none are quite as spot-on as the man himself. Via EW, Schwarzenegger took to Reddit to share a series of videos of himself quoting some of his most beloved movie lines.

Schwarzenegger got fans warmed up with a line and a plug for his latest movie Escape Plan with a line that's featured in the trailer for the film:

Then he takes it back to 1996 with a quote from Jingle All the Way, a classic holiday film… in some circles. (Ok, maybe in my circle…):

That's followed with another funny line, this one from Kindergarden Cop:

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