Watch Aubrey Plaza 'Crash' Will Ferrell's MTV Movie Awards Speech

The MTV Movie Awards and Video Music Awards are famous for stunts that are supposed to seem surprising, like Sacha Baron Cohen dropping from the sky in Eminem's lap, or Jim Carrey accepting an award dressed like a hippie . Nearly all of them have seemed scripted, or at least highly orchestrated by the MTV brass who want to make headlines. The one giant exception is the moment that Kanye West took the microphone from Taylor Swift's hand mid-acceptance speech, a brouhaha that Swift wrote an entire song about and that planted that grain of doubt into so many viewers' heads for the next big stunt: "Wait, maybe this one is real too?"

I admit, I've been wondering the same thing about the moment above, from last night's Movie Awards, in which Aubrey Plaza seemed to drunkenly stumble onstage to steal the Golden Popcorn statue from Will Ferrell's hand. The moment was so brief, and Plaza said so little-- when asked by Ferrell if she was ok, she just said "yup" and sat back down-- that you could believe it was an awkward encounter that neither comedian knew how to salvage. And when MTV News "reported" that Plaza had been asked to leave the show after the incident, it seemed to confirm that it was legitimate stage-crashing, and not, say, a planned stunt to promote her summer film The To-Do List.

But, come on. She had "#TheToDoList" scrawled across her chest, perfectly timed for when the cameras cut to her back in her seat-- which was in the front row, of course. And MTV premiered a clip from The To-Do List earlier this week. And when you see her jump up to interrupt Ferrell, he's clearly vamping for time, saying filler phrases like "Once again, thanks to MTV" and "I, uh…" -- he knows what's coming. Plaza's tweet after the incident seems to pretty much seal the deal as a planned joke:

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Did Aubrey Plaza actually ask Kanye West for advice? Probably not. Did she enjoy hearkening back to West's infamous moment to promote her movie? Oh, absolutely. That's what the MTV Movie Awards are all about.

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Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend