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Watch The Best Picture Oscar Nominees Get Ripped To Shreds In Brutal New Video

The Oscars are that special time of year when Hollywood is honored by itself, and mocked just as openly. So what better way to lampoon the 88th Annual Academy Awards than a nice, heaping bowl of Honest Trailers! Open the envelope, and watch the 5 minute slam fest for yourself below:

Apparently the folks at Screen Junkies were so inundated with requests for Honest Trailers to the individual nominees for this year's Best Picture honors that they decided to hammer them all in one, compact video. The best thing that can be said about this format change is that the rapid fire element does keep things interesting. However, the only real set back with this change is that the usually targeted humor of the Honest Trailers team is spread a little too thin throughout the short video. That, and if you're curious as to how they would have handled the heartbreaking romance of Brooklyn, you'll be walking away empty handed.

Nevertheless, the Honest Trailer to The Oscars is still a pretty skewering look into the 7 films that the team already did see. Everything is taken to task, from the older skewing Bridge Of Spies being popular with audiences and voters in the more aged bracket, to Room being so beautiful yet depressing that talking about the story really doesn't yield too many laughs. The video pulls a little something special out of each film, though they do go easy on The Revenant. The big reason behind that is because they've decided to give it a full blast of justice in a separate, future video. You're safe for now, Leo; but don't get too comfy.

What wasn't safe, despite the severely small amount of time the subject was given, was the #OscarsSoWhite controversy, which amounted to two zingers at the very end of the video. Still, the suggestion that Straight Outta Compton should have been nominated over The Big Short is an interesting enough ending that audiences will be talking about this possible switch up until this Sunday's ceremony. Speaking of which, if you need a quick laugh at the tail end of Oscar night, hit mute when they announce the films nominated for Best Picture and list off the following substitute titles suggested by Screen Junkies in their place:

No Money, Mo Problems

Furiosa Road, Feat. Mad Max


Newsies Might Want To Avoid These Houses

Not Nearly Enough Spies

Survivor: Mars

You Can Only See So Many Movies

Fucked Up Boyhood

The 88th Annual Academy Awards will air on Sunday night on ABC at 8 PM EST.

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