Watch Biaggio Of The Kings Of Summer Share Some Wisdom

There's no doubt, critics adore The Kings of Summer. The feature directorial debut of Jordan Vogt-Roberts premiered at Sundance last January. There and then it was called Toy's House, and beyond reminding audiences huddled in the cold of Park City, Utah of the joys of summer, the lively coming-of-age comedy also won over critics and raked in rave reviews. It's limited theatrical release on May 31st triggered a new slew of reviews that proudly proclaimed there's loads to love about The Kings of Summer. A blurb from my five-star review was recently featured on the film's facebook page:

Kings of Summer promo

Obviously, I'm a fan. The narrative that follows three boys who run away from home one summer to build their own house in the woods is one that feels familiar yet fresh. Within the clunky walls of their woodland retreat, they make the rules. And following their adventure, adults are reminded of carefree days and that time when we yearned for more responsibility, not less. (Time is a cruel mistress.)

The Kings of Summer's first teaser was so confident that the film had something extraordinary in store for audiences that it didn't even tease a plot. Instead, it displayed the film's three heroes in a moment of pure revelry as praise the comedy had earned so far played across them. Along with a rundown of its premise and loads of swagger, the follow-up red band trailer showed off the movie's raunchier aspects as well as its supporting cast that includes Parks and Recreation's Nick Offerman, Community's Alison Brie, Party Down's Megan Mullaly, and It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia's Mary Lynn Rajskub. But the newly unveiled featurette—viewable above thanks to—revels in all the wondrous weirdness that is Biaggio.

Sure, the movie's main focus is on best friends Joe and Patrick (Nick Robinson and Gabriel Basso), two relatable teens seeking independence from their overbearing parents. But Biaggio is the one who will make you laugh until your face hurts and whose lines you'll come away quoting. In my salute to 2013's scene stealers, I compared him to Zach Galifianakis' Alan in The Hangover and Melissa McCarthy's Megan in Bridesmaids. Biaggio is the unrelenting oddball who is startling bizarre but deeply lovable, and former Hannah Montana star Moises Arias creates the character with a skill beyond his years. You might still be waiting for The Kings of Summer to find its way to a theater near you, but in the meantime you can at least get a welcomed dose of what critics are raving about.

The Kings of Summer is now in theaters.

Kristy Puchko

Staff writer at CinemaBlend.