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We got our first look at any live-action footage from Captain America: THe First Avenger during the 30-second TV spot that aired during the Super Bowl, and now you can get a look at every single image by watching the trailer below. There's plenty of great effects in the trailer, including explosions and fight scenes and all that, but by far the most impressive is whatever they did to Chris Evans to transform him from scrawny Steve Rogers to the muscle-bound Captain America.

Yes we know it's the Super Soldier Serum that makes the change... but how on earth did the effects team make that happen? Ponder over that and more as you watch the trailer below, which debuted at Yahoo! Movies after its Super Bowl appearance. We'll have more discussions of the trailer and screenshots once we get through the Super Bowl trailer crush; for the rest of tonight's big trailers, check out our extensive post here.

Watch the Captain America trailer in high-res on Yahoo!.

Get high-res screencaps straight from the First Avenger trailer right here.

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