Watch Conan O'Brien Tap Dance On His Desk In Tribute To The Artist

Even Andy Richter seemed to know that Conan's pre-Oscar tribute to The Artist was a little half-thought out-- mostly it seemed like Conan wanted a chance to shake his gangly legs and tap dance on the desk. But really, who can blame him for that, especially when he slaps on a pencil-thin mustache and big grin that really does evoke Jean Dujardin's performance in the Best Picture frontrunner? I'm sure not holding that against him. Check out Coco's sweet tap moves, and Andy Richter in a lovely silent-era frock, in the truly ridiculous clip below.

Andy and Conan claim they'll be re-enacting each of the nine Best Picture nominees before the Oscars, but since that only give them three days, I'm not so sure they'll pull it off. They do have a track record, though-- check out what they managed to do for Inception this time last year.

So, maybe silent movies really are better for this treatment. Hopefully Andy and Conan can pull out at least a few more of these before Oscar night, since I'd love to see them actually follow throughout and re-enact War Horse, or at least get dressed up in some Oakland A's uniforms and scream at somebody like Billy Beane.

Katey Rich

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend