Watch The Drop Dead Gorgeous Trailer Redone With Disney Princesses

The internet is a sea of funny parody videos, mashups and memes. Those looking for one of the better filters for such amusing distractions need only to "like" George Takei on Facebook. The actor and author frequently posts funny pictures and videos, usually adding some funny (or punny) comment of his own. Today, one of his offerings was the video above, which mashes the Drop Dead Gorgeous trailer with various Disney princess scenes.

"If you've seen the original movie, you'll find yourself smiling ear to ear, doncha' know," Takei said in his post.

Released in 1999, Drop Dead Gorgeous is a clever dark comedy mockumentary about a local beauty pageant, which takes place in a small Minnesota town, bringing the whole community together. As the competition is especially tense that year, bad things start to happen and some people die.

The video finds some amusingly fitting moments from classic Disney animated films featuring the beloved princess and set them to the trailer. It looks like the trailer has Amber played by Cinderella, while Snow White has Becky's part. But I think my favorite part is the nod to Amy Adams that happens about a minute in, showing Enchanted's Giselle right when her Drop Dead Gorgeous character says, "Go Muskies! Woo!" In other cases, the editing fits the scene, like hearing Britney Murphy's adorable giggle behind Ursula's mirror-laugh.

It's too bad the line about shellfish wasn't in there. That would've been a great place to put the clip of Ariel shooing Sebastian under her plate-cover in The Little Mermaid.

I don't eat shellfish. Mom always says, "Don't ever eat nothin' that can carry its house around with it. Who knows the last time it's been cleaned." She should know.

For reference, here's the original trailer...

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