Watch Every Single Transformers Transformation From Michael Bay's Original Trilogy

Stop complaining that Michael Bay never even had his Transformers transforming in the original trilogy of Transformers films. There’s at least 10 minutes of legitimate transformation footage in the entire trilogy, as this amazing video now points out.

Now, for some math. Add up the run times of the three Transformers movies – the original (144 minutes), 2009’s Revenge of the Fallen (149 minutes) and the bombastic Dark of the Moon (154 minutes!!) – and you learn that audiences endured a walloping, punishing 447 minutes of Bay-hem with barely 11 minutes of "transforming" to appreciate. That’s 7 hours and 45 minutes of your life sitting, waiting for the giant robots on screen to do the thing you tried to make them do as a child… turn from a car or truck into something else. A robot. A gun. Anything. And Bay gave you nearly 11 minutes. Say thank you.

I do love the sounds Bay came up with to accompany each transformation, and YouTube user Tunglebrek, who compiled this video (via Gizmodo) is right to praise the wizards at ILM and Digital Domain for their hard work on the Transformers series. There’s a reason their team was routinely recognized by the Academy for Sound Mixing, Sound Editing and Visual Effects.

Plus, left unchecked, Bay just makes his robots say silly, racist things.

Watching this highlight reel, it’s almost OK that we’re forgetting Bay’s missteps in this franchise and getting geared up for Age of Extinction, the fourth effort in this toy-based franchise that finds the director shifting gears, literally, and saddling up with his Pain & Gain star Mark Wahlberg to see if the two-time Oscar nominee can bring a little credibility to the popcorn blockbuster series. Bay revealed the first tease for Extinction during the Super Bowl, and it was a barrage of robot-on-robot action. With transformations. Maybe Bay watched this sizzle reel, and remembered the reason people buy tickets to these exercises? We can only hope, right?

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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