Watch Every Version Of Batman's Parents Dying In This Tragic Supercut

Every time we hear there's a new version of the Batman mythos coming down the pike, there's one question that weighs on everyone's minds: "Does this mean we need to see Bruce Wayne's parents die again?" It's a valid question, as there have been countless origin stories for the Caped Crusader, and an almost equal amount of re-enactments of the moment Bruce Wayne swore his life to vengeance against the criminal scum of Gotham City.

For those of you who are still somewhat curious about the different versions to the demise of Thomas and Martha Wayne, Vulture has the video you've been waiting for. Batman's Parents Dying: The Supercut is a compilation of the shooting death of Bruce Wayne's parents from the various animated and live action incarnations from the past 25 years, ranging from the classic Superfriends cartoon to Tim Burton's Batman, and even running all the way up to Bruno Heller's Gotham (which just premiered this week). Decades of tragic, hero forming youth, and it's all waiting in one video.

Despite the grim subject matter on display, this supercut is actually rather entertaining and is put together rather well, with each video playing out at a different portion of the entire field. In fact, you could almost mistake this video as one singular video, if you ignore the obvious overlaps of course. It's kind of surprising how different-yet-similar all of these death scenes can be, and it really shows the lengths to which certain versions told the story their way to make it their own.

As a bonus for all of you still reading this article with dry and/or unrolling eyes, we've included what's probably the most creative spin on a death in the Wayne family. If you've seen The Flashpoint Paradox, you'll know that the alternate reality caused by The Flash has Bruce Wayne dying instead of his family, thus creating a Batman in Thomas Wayne and a Joker in Martha. Maybe Geoff Johns saw a frustrated public and decided to give everyone something a little something new to look at. You can see a clip of that event from the animated adaptation that was released last year:

Thankfully, Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice isn't an origin story, so we shouldn't be seeing another version of the Wayne parents being slain in Crime Alley. In fact, we might actually be branching off into another trauma in Bruce Wayne's life: the death of Robin. Should this happen, Zack Snyder would be successful in blazing a new trail in cinematic Batman history, but if history has taught us anything, the death of Robin could end up becoming the new "death of Thomas and Martha." Here's hoping that's not the case.

Batman v. Superman: Dawn Of Justice will either prove us right or wrong on March 25, 2016; and hopefully Gotham won't come back every week with an intro showing the same death scene every Monday night on Fox.

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