Tonight, Fox made a glorious leap into the world of comic books with Gotham, a crime drama that takes place within the dark and gritty cesspool of Gotham City. A prequel project of sorts, the series is set during the pre-Batman days, when criminals only have to answer to the Gotham City Police Department, and costumed alter egos are a multicolored dot on the horizon. As it goes with most pilots, our first look at Gotham isn’t perfect, but it’s a startlingly effective and refreshing trip into a world that we’ve already experienced a million times before. (Read our review here.) Is it the best show on TV? Not yet, but here are five reasons why we might change our minds about that in the future.

Better Hook than Most Cop Shows
In the world of police dramas, nearly every single angle imaginable has been taken. ABC’s Castle has a bestselling author solving crimes, CBS has roughly 17 CSI shows on the air, and NBC paired a cop with a cab driver for Taxi Brooklyn. So it’s not a stretch to consider an origin story of one of the most famous fictional policemen in history is solid ground to build upon. Viewers get to follow Detective James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) as he begins making a name for himself in the titular city, disconcerted by the thin, wavering line drawn between the good guys and the bad guys. Against his partner Harvey Bullock’s (Donal Logue) wishes, Gordon grounds them in one of the biggest crimes the city has ever seen: the murder of Gotham’s most elite millionaires Thomas and Martha Wayne. Immediately, he’s enveloped into an underworld of criminals no other cop show could possibly put to screen. Which leads us to…

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