Though as somebody who writes about upcoming films everyday the idea kind of hurts my job, the truth is that there are some movies out there that are best to walk into without having seen a single second of footage. Some of you may remember a situation like this when the first trailer for Sundance darling Catfish came online last year. Now we face that same scenario again, but instead of a documentary about the dangers of Facebook, this year we have the terrifying new thriller from director Ben Wheatley, Kill List.

I had the chance to see the film earlier this year and I will say this: though the trailer below looks extremely tempting, you should try and avoid it and just wait to see the movie when it arrives in theaters. That said, I know some of you are rebels and knowledge sponges who want to learn everything about every film, so enjoy the first preview of Kill List (head on over to Yahoo! to see it in HD).

Wheatley's second feature film after 2009's Down Terrace, Kill List tells the story of a hitman (Neil Maskell) who has been out of the game for sometime and sees his family in serious economic trouble. Teaming with his best friend (Michael Smiley), he gets back to work and is given a list of names to kill from a new client. The movie also stars MyAnna Buring, Harry Simpson, Emma Fryer and Struan Rodger. The film arrives in US theaters on February 3, 2012.

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