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Horses, once a staple in movies of all types, have sort of fallen the wayside in Hollywood. Nobody’s making westerns anymore and for some reason, no one in fantasy movies seems to ride them anymore. These days it’s all about walking, very slowly, for very long distances. Maybe it’s because Shrek’s too fat to fit on a horse, or maybe it’s because hobbits are too small to ride, or maybe it’s because our wizards and witches have gone modern and now drive cars to Hogwarts. Whatever the reason, horses just don’t seem to have a very big place in the modern movies. If you want to see a horse on film, these days you’ll have see them as some rich woman’s plaything in a racing movie.

Enter Tangled which not only has a horse in it, but features a horse as one of the movies main, and most entertaining, characters. Sure some horses can count and Mr. Ed could talk, but this horse knows comedy. Maximus is a horse of a different color. Watch Tangled’s hilariously cranky steed as part of the four new clips from Tangled below:

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