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Just about anything can happen on a Hollywood set, and with the torturous process The Green Hornet has gone through just to get to a place where it has a set, I guess we should expect some sort of minor disaster. TMZ caught The Green Hornet shooting an action sequence in LA when, what appears to be a car wreck occurs.

Of course this is a Hollywood set so it’s entirely possible that they intended to wreck the car. But the video does a rather convincing job of making it look like the wreck wasn’t planned. If it was an accident, then after everything this movie has already gone through, seriously, it’s time to pronounce this thing officially cursed. Even if it was intentional it’s worth watching simply to see Green Hornet’s awesome car, the Black Beauty, growling its way through the streets at a high rate of speed. Just listen to that engine roar… before it plows into a wall: