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Watch Heidi Montag's Transformers 3 Audition Tape

Heidi Montag is mostly known for being a brain dead socialite, so no one really took it seriously when earlier this week word leaked that she was lobbying to take over for Megan Fox on Transformers 3, even though she’d gone so far as to make an audition tape. Now that Michael Bay has filled the part by casting a Victoria’s Secret model, you have to wonder if she might not have been a seriously contender. Compared to Rosie whatsername, she’s a thespian and she capably fills the only criteria that seems to matter to Bay: She’s hot.

Montag didn’t get the part but the audition tape she sent in to Bay did. Apparently she missed those rumors about a year ago which indicated that Megan Fox originally got the part by washing Michael Bay’s Ferrari in a bikini. If she really wanted the role she probably should have grabbed a bucket and a sponge. Instead the audition video tries to prove she’s credible as an action bad-ass, blissfully unaware that the women in Transformers don’t do any action stuff, mostly they fall down in ways that allow the camera to zoom in on their heaving bosom.

Check out Montag’s autidion tape below. After watching it I still don’t know if she can act, but I know I don’t want to piss her off. Heidi Montag knows how to use a gun.