You know what the real problem is with 8-bit videos like this? They always make me wish that the "game" were something that I could actually purchase and play. There are instances where enough people are inspired that the game actually does becomes a reality - take for example the fans of NBC's Community who made a video game based on an 8-bit episode of the show - but in the case of the Iron Man game you see above I think we'll also just have to be satisfied with the idea.

To deliver a back story on the video above, it was created by CineFix and is an 8-bit retelling of Jon Favreau's blockbuster Iron Man. Not only is the video impressive, it also makes the actual tie-in video game that was released look even worse than it already is. This is the first 8-bit video that the YouTube channel has put out, but judging from the end of this one they are game to make more.

This summer has already be chock full of Iron Man, with the release of Shane Black's sequel at the start of this month. As predicted by just about everyone, the film is a incredible blockbuster success, and took only 23 days to cross the billion dollar mark. It's currently ranked at number eight on the all time list and will probably skip ahead a few more spots before its out of theaters. Joss Whedon has also promised that the character will be back for The Avengers 2, so the future is bright for Tony Stark.

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