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Though the trailer which debuted online yesterday was only in 2D, James Cameron’s new movie Avatar was designed specifically to be seen in 3D. Not just 3D, but IMAX 3D with cool polarized goggles which, trust me, bear absolutely no resemblance to the awful blue-green cardboard things you may have been forced to wear while watching movies like Spy Kids 3D.

Except if you happen to have any of those glasses laying around, they might come in handy right now. A technically savvy YouTuber has taken the Avatar trailer and modified it to work with the old fashioned, blue and cyan glasses online. That’s right, you can actually watch the Avatar trailer in 3D on your computer. Try it out! I’ve embedded it below. You’ll have to sit through an introduction by the guy who designed it first or, if you’re a cold hearted bastard like me, just skip over it to about the 1:30 mark.

Put 3D glasses on now and click here.