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The new Star Wars movie is close to being real that we can taste it. The whole country is getting excited for it, and that includes some for whom traveling to a movie theater may be a little difficult. No matter, for if kids at Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles cannot go to Star Wars then Star Wars will come to them. Also, they’ll bring Mark Hamill because he’s just awesome like that. Check it out below.

The crew that they broke out for this is incredibly impressive. In addition to Mark Hamill, Steven Blum, one of the voice talents behind Star Wars Rebels, was also on hand. Both of them look like they had a fantastic time making the kids happy. It's hard to tell who's having more fun. Then, they had an entire contingent of Stormtroopers thanks to the Southern California contingent of the 501st Legion. The 501st is a global organization made up of Star Wars fans, many of whom construct their own, screen-accurate Stormtrooper armor. They’re also involved in numerous charitable activities and other public events.

The video runs the gamut from the touching to the hilarious. On the one hand, you have the little girl who gives R2-D2 a hug, and on the other you have a doctor attempting to give Darth Vader a check-up. We’re fairly certain he has some type of pneumonia. The highlight may be R2-D2, however, who looks like he just rolled off the set. It’s no wonder the kids react to him like he’s really there, as it does feel that way.

This is another in a long line of wonderful stories that have accompanied the build up to the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The most famous of which is probably that of Daniel Fleetwood. The terminally ill fan was granted the opportunity to watch his own screening of The Force Awakens a couple of months ago, as it was unlikely he would survive to the release this weekend. In another moment of great charity, a child was given a prosthetic "Clone Trooper arm" last year. That one was also presented by the 501st Legion, this time in Georgia. These guys get around. There were also several people who attended last night’s premiere of the film by donating to the Omaze Force for Change campaign.

It seems that everybody is using The Force for good and doing some wonderfully touching, and constructive, things with people’s excitement for the new movie. With no plans to slow down the Star Wars franchise, hopefully, the good deeds will continue on as well.