George Lucas has talked for years about a nine-film Star Wars series, which would include both prequels and sequels to the original trilogy and make Star Wars geeks keel over in delight. Then, of course, we got the bloated and overly digital prequels, and fans stopped feverishly anticipating Star Wars content while Lucas started saying that he was done directing Star Wars films. The nine-film series that people had wanted so much for decades seemed all but dead.

That all changed, of course, when Disney bought the rights to Lucasfilm last week and announced that they were planning a brand-new trilogy of Star Wars films. Suddenly the sci-fi universe that Lucas created seemed crammed with possibilities, and when Mark Hamill revealed that Lucas had tipped him off about the new series, it seemed possible we might be seeing the return of Luke Skywalker-- or maybe just a Hamill cameo? Turns out, this isn't the first time Hamill has been out talking about coming back to Star Wars… in fact, he was doing it almost 20 years ago. Here's a recently re-circulated video from 1983 of Hamill talking about the possibilities for more Star Wars movies after Return of the Jedi:

And via, here's another video of Hamill making a weirdly prescient prediction around the same time, saying Lucas told him he'd probably be back playing Luke Skywalker in 2011. Not so far off!

Of course, even Hamill doesn't know if he'll be called upon to appear in Star Wars Episode VII, currently targeted for a 2015 release. But it is nice to look into the wayback machine and tell all those optimists from the early 80s, "Hey, this is really going to happen!" Even if some pesky, unloved prequels got in the way first.

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