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Watch Mark Ruffalo And Melanie Laurent Perform Some Magic On The Set Of Now You See Me

I have to imagine that one of the cooler things about being an actor is that you get the opportunity to learn all kinds of cool skills and abilities. It's hard work, but if you want to star in an action movie then you need to get it super good shape and learn acrobatics and how to fight - not to mention possibly swing a sword or drive a stunt car. So for the cast of Now You See Me I have to imagine that one of the perks is learning how to do a magic trick or two.

In addition to the new clip from the film that you can watch above, featuring a magical fight sequence between Dave Franco and Mark Ruffalo, Summit Entertainment has released three new videos on their YouTube page that show some of the actors in the excellent ensemble giving performances of stuff they learned while making the film.

First up we have Franco alongside magician David Kwong showing off a pretty damn cool skill: card throwing. Franco seems to have picked up a cool little skill from making this movie.

Next up we have Melanie Laurent (whom many of you will probably recognize from Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds) performing a card trick with the help of fellow star Jesse Eisenberg. It's a pretty surprising trick, and Laurent pulls it off well.

Finally there's Ruffalo, who doesn't play one of the four main magicians in the movie, but apparently picked up some skills anyway. His trick is a bit of sleight of hand. You get the impression from this video that the on-set crew had been hounding him for a mini-performance for a while, but what he accomplishes is impressive.

Now You See Me hits theaters next weekend on May 31st.

Eric Eisenberg
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