Watch Nicki Minaj Give Cameron Diaz Terrible Advice In This Other Woman Clip

When she isn’t incessantly posting selfies of her curves, hair and make-up, singer Nicki Minaj is apparently something of an advice guru, not that she’s saying anything that anyone wants to hear. At least, that’s how it looks in the above first clip from The Other Woman, the latest film from director Nick Cassavetes. I almost couldn’t tell it was Minaj in the clip, given her lack of ostentatiousness, but I was pretty sure the blonde Cameron Diaz-looking woman was actually Cameron Diaz.

The clip, via Yahoo! Movies, apparently comes pretty early on in the film, soon after Diaz’s character Carly realizes that the man she’s been calling her boyfriend, Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), is actually married to another woman named Kate (Leslie Mann). Carly is obviously upset by this discovery, and in comes her assistant Lydia (Minaj in her first live action role) to try and smooth things over, even though it sounds like her experiences with infidelity have been on the wrong side of righteousness.

Though her final piece of wisdom – "Selfish people live longer." – is depressingly true in most cases, the rest of it is comedic nonsense. Lydia broke up her own marriage in order to get with her new boyfriend, and thinks that Carly should either take out Kate, or to just accept the situation and be with a married guy, since he would have something else to keep him busy on the side. It’s not the most empowering piece of feminism I’ve ever heard, but nothing the former American Idol host does fits into that.

Written by Melissa Stack, The Other Woman follows the unlikely friendship that builds between Carly and Kate, and their plot to destroy Mark once they discover he has yet another lover, the gorgeous and dense Amber (Kate Upton). Three vindictive women against one macho lying son of a bitch sounds like an even battlefield to me. I just wish the movie looked a little funnier from the outset. Check out the fairly predictable trailer below to see what I mean.

Still, I’m hopeful that it’ll be well worth a trip to the theater on April 25. The only decision I have to make is whether I want to go with my wife or with my girlfr…No, I should probably just go with the wife, right?

For a quick shot of each actress talking about their roles, check out the clip below.

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