Watch Russell Brand Give Birth In Get Him To The Greek's First 5 Minutes

Even though I’ve heard a weirdly mumbled, mixed reaction from almost everyone who’s seen it, I’m still high on Get Him to the Greek. Buying a ticket for it is the first thing I’m doing this weekend. In fact I’m so excited about it, I kind of need something to tide me over. Luckily, there’s this: The first five minutes of the film. The entire Get Him to the Greek opening is out, ready for consumption, and loaded with insanity.

It takes place as a series of highlight reels in which Russell Brand’s Aldous Snow slowly falls off the wagon and returns to debauchery. Along the way you’ll see him give birth to an African child and call himself a white space Christ. If you watch closely, you’ll also see a cameo of sorts from Sarah Marshall, the character played by Kristen Bell in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Aldous Snow’s first rocking big screen adventure. It’s not to be missed. Watch:

In case you missed her, here's Sarah Marshall's cameo again:

Josh Tyler