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Watch Seth Rogen And James Franco Try To Be Assassins In Red Band Trailer For The Interview

The trailer below contains adult content and language and may be considered Not Safe For Work.

The red band trailer for The Interview has arrived and it offers us no shortage of crude humor, F-bombs, cameos and a plot to assassinate a dictator. Names and pants are dropped in the three-minute video, which shows Seth Rogen and James Franco going from being a TV producer and host to potential assassins.

Directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg -- the same duo that brought us This is the End -- The Interview was written by Rogen and Goldberg, along with screenwriter Dan Sterling, and stars James Franco and Seth Rogen as TV host Dave Skylark and producer Aaron Rapoport respectively. As the video above reveals, they've found success in the celebrity tabloid business, but their efforts to target more legitimate news results in them being recruited by the CIA to "take out" North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.

The first trailer for The Interview debuted back in June and sparked controversy over the plot. Beyond the controversial subject matter, the trailer emphasizes the humor and tone we've come to expect from a comedy that stars James Franco and Seth Rogen.

With This is the End in mind, it might not be a stretch to hope for some great cameos in The Interview, especially when we take into account the roles Rogen and Franco are playing. The trailer already teases some celebrity sightings, including a scene with Rob Lowe, who's either playing a version of himself or at the very least, an actor...

rob lowe

And is that Guy Fieri we saw on the TV screen at the :49 mark?

Guy Fieri

Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj and Matthew McConaughey's names come up in relation to what sounds like a serious wardrobe malfunction for one and some unfortunate media exposure involving a goat for the other....

Rogen face

As for the plot of The Interview, Dave and Aaron seem like they're about as prepared for this mission as Lizzy Caplan's CIA character is for seeing these two guys first thing in the morning after a night of serious partying...


But it looks like Franco and Rogen's characters are up for trying to carry out their mission. And that's where the trailer gets really whacky, offering us the sight of Seth Rogen dropping his pants and doing a dance, and later facing the reality that he has to store a very large piece of "payload" in an uncomfortable place. Points to Franco for the gentle way he drops that suggestion...

Franco face

Will these guys get the job done? Or is this a mission destined for failure? We'll find out this Christmas when The Interview hits theaters.

Kelly West
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