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Watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens Get Wrecked In New Video

Well, we knew this was coming eventually. No movie is without sin, according to the guys over at CinemaSins, and that certainly includes one of the most popular movies ever made. While the general consensus of Star Wars: The Force Awakens was positive, few, if any, people would argue the film is perfect. Here’s a look at many of its problems, real and imagined. Check out everything wrong with Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

While these videos are all about adding up all a movie’s sins, Star Wars: The Force Awakens actually does a remarkable job getting them removed. It sees a subtraction of two sins in the opening scene thanks to Kylo Ren’s awesome use of Force power to stop a blaster bolt in mid-air. We have to agree that shot was badass. Also, Finn’s fantastic shooting on board the Millennium Falcon also gets a point removed. It’s awesome and fun, even the narrator can’t help but laugh. BB-8’s thumbs up also earns a reduction.

There are certainly some legitimate criticisms, of course. The fact that Finn and Poe end up nowhere close to each other when their TIE fighter crashes, and that it apparently knocks Poe out of his jacket, is never satisfactorily explained. It’s a minor detail, but it is worth pointing out. Star Wars: The Force Awakens also gains back all the sins that it lost due to the exceptionally poor use of actors from The Raid 2. It’s a fair point. That movie is awesome and we know The Force Awakens could have done a lot more with them. Also, as much as we love TR-8R, and we do, we’re forced to agree that the entire "drop your gun to get in a sword fight" thing doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Not every sin in these videos is meant to be an actual critique of the plot. The line comparing Unkar Plutt’s distribution of food for salvage to that of a Gamestop trade-in is actually pretty funny, something we’re sure our partners on the video game side would appreciate. Also, the idea that the entire Star Wars franchise has been in "low power mode" until now is well played. It’s also accurate.

If we want to give the guys at CinemaSins a hard time, and why wouldn’t we, it’s kinda their thing and we figure they can take it too, we’d point out that the map to Luke Skywalker that they repeatedly criticize actually makes perfect sense, because it’s not really a map to Luke. We figured that one out a while ago.

In the end, Star Wars: The Force Awakens "earns" 135 sins and receives a sentence of Multiplicity, as a reference to the fact that the film borrows heavily from the original Star Wars. What do you think of the film’s sins? Any that were left out? Feel free to leave your own in the comments.

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