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Watch Terrence Malick Create The Earth In Tree Of Life

Tree of Life is one of the most critically acclaimed movies of the year, but even those who’ve seen it seem to have a hard time figuring out what director Terrence Malick's latest is about. If you haven’t seen it yet, then figuring out what it is en route to deciding if it’s worth your time is an almost impossible task.

So far most of what we’ve seen from the movie involves people sitting around and talking. But apparently this is a movie which also contains things like dinosaurs, and outer spacey stuff showcasing the creation of planet Earth. Now more of that big budget effects stuff is in evidence, in the form of a new Tree of Life clip showing the creation of the Earth. Watch:

The above doesn’t tell you much about the movie, but it is beautiful. Actually it looks a lot like some of the outer-spacey effects shots Darren Aronofsky pulled off in The Fountain. Aronofsky’s visual work was a little more impressive, but then his movie never got the reviews Malick’s is getting.