Watch A Terrified Bruce Wayne Declare War On Superman In New Dawn Of Justice Clip

There's only a couple of months to go before Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters and the war is heating up. We now have a new clip of Bruce Wayne explaining his perspective on the Man of Steel and if for any reason you weren’t clear on why the Batman is looking to take the Kryptonian down. He pretty much lays out the whole case, right here.

It’s very clear in the clip, Bruce Wayne doesn’t know what to make of Superman and that means it’s time to be better safe than sorry.  Wayne understands what Superman is capable of, and is afraid that the destruction that took place in Metropolis at the end of the last film might could reach a much larger scale if the power is left unchecked. Solution: take out Superman, by any means necessary.

While we’ve seen a great deal of Batman on the screen over the last few decades, this one, we have to say is actually turning out to be a little bit different. Batman has always been recognized for his dark, brooding personality, but this one is angry. Ben Affleck has certainly found a way to stand out among all the different Batmen (Batmans?) that we’ve seen in recent years. While protection is still Bruce Wayne’s primary goal here, he obviously wants to take down Superman which is not the character’s usual method.

I’d say that would make for an interesting counterpoint to Superman, except it really doesn’t. From what we’ve seen of Superman in this movie, he’s just as angry as Batman. So what we have here are a couple of very angry superheros, both of whom are looking to take down the other. It will likely make for some great action sequences when the two go after each other. What’s less clear is how everything will shake out during the inevitable reconciliation period. It’s not much of a spoiler to realize that at some point the two will unite, to take on a larger threat, be it Doomsday or something else. With there looking to be some serious bad blood between these two that may be a tougher sell than we would have guessed.

One way or another we’ll see what’s in store for these two storied characters when Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice arrives on March 25. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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