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Watch Tom Cruise World-Premiere Edge Of Tomorrow In 3 Cities In One Day LIVE!

No one tells Tom Cruise how to world-premiere a movie. Tom Cruise tells YOU how to world-premiere a movie. Unveiling your new action movie in one major city just isn’t enough for Tom Cruise. So he’s bringing Edge of Tomorrow to THREE major, global cities in one day … and you can follow along using the video above.

Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt and director Doug Liman are currently in Paris, the second city of this three-city press tour that started in London early this morning. The press tour will conclude with a 10 p.m. New York City premiere tonight. Here’s Cruise, kicking off this incredible promotional event:

And here is the terrific Emily Blunt thanking her "home town" fans for attending what looks like a rainy London premiere:

Exhausting. But can you imagine anyone other than Tom Cruise embarking on such an intense, terrific press event to promote his major blockbuster?

Follow along using the video above. Warner Bros. also says that you can interact using the hashtag #EOTLive. Have a question for Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt or Doug Liman regarding Edge of Tomorrow? Chime in! And keep your eyes on Tom Cruise’s official Twitter feed, @TomCruise, because he’s sharing photos like this from the whole day:

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We were lucky enough to see Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt's Edge of Tomorrow ahead of these world premieres, and Kristy Puchko LOVED it. She called it "a rousing sci-fi actioner with terrifying aliens, astounding action sequences, and a fascinating story of a world at war. ... The movie positively pulses with adrenaline, reflected in its powerful performances, clever cuts and its fluid yet exhilarating cinematography that weaves around heroes, explosions, and spiraling space monsters. Edge of Tomorrow will leave you breathless and grinning. Simply put, this is why we go to the movies."

Edge of Tomorrow will be in theaters on May 30. It sounds like it is poised to be the sleeper action hit of the summer blockbuster season!

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