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It could be speculation, but, this Fifty Shades of Grey thing seems to be catching on a bit. Seriously, though, while the film possesses a worldwide gross of more than $311 million, it seems that its audience of a stereotypically all-female demographic may be a bit more diverse than most would believe. Case in point, this poor, unfortunate gentleman at a Danish theater, who has been caught by a news camera with his sweaty hand in the proverbial cookie jar as he was coming out to see Fifty Shades. Clearly, this secret operation did not go the way he planned.

The spectacled seer of the film being interviewed after this Danish showing of Fifty Shades fits the mold perfectly of the assumed demographic who passionately poured over the pages of the original book and had been eagerly awaiting the release of the film. However, it seems that placement of the camera shot set directly at the exit, identifying every single person who leaves the theater as "one of those people" may have been a bit inconsiderate to the privacy of the patrons. Unfortunately for one lone man walking out, the realization that he was on a news camera was likely an epiphany of agony.

The utter look of shock and panic on this poor guy’s face made his inner turmoil quite palpable. The panic had set in, seemingly freezing the poor man in his tracks, unsure of which course of action will NOT result in him being seen on his local news broadcast by his friends and family, labeling him as either a connoisseur of chick flicks or, in the very worst, a creepy creeper who sneaks his way into steamy women’s movies hoping to wrangle himself a fellow patron who has been "properly motivated" by the film’s now-notorious depictions of unorthodox sex acts. Certainly, from his point of view, he was mercilessly placed into a pickle from which there was no good way to escape.

Ironically enough, the woman being interviewed is giving an analysis of the film, which, in part plays perfectly to the reasons that seeing Fifty Shades of Grey is seen as taboo among men. Despite all the threatening quasi-torturous knickknacks involved in the film’s primary sexual relationship, it could ultimately be interpreted as an embrace in male femininity. While Anastasia is seemingly submissive, the stability of the arrangement ultimately depends upon the willingness of the man, Christian to compromise with an embrace of his "soft side." Unlike a film that typically displays sexuality, the nuance with Fifty Shades is just not typically macho male-friendly.

Regardless of how one might feel about male obstinacy over the Fifty Shades phenomenon, you can’t help but feel that the poor guy in this video was done wrong in the situation. Don’t worry, bro…we won’t judge.

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