Is there any way we can check into Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel this holiday season? Tomorrow? Like, right now?

Because the above trailer, posted to Fox Searchlight’s YouTube page, is everything that we want from an Anderson comedy, and everything we’ve come to expect from a filmmaker working at the top of his unusual game. Ignore the gorgeous visual palette, which instantly suggests that you are existing in an Anderson universe. Embrace that cast, which starts off with Jude Law, Jason Schwartzman, Tom Wilkinson and F. Murray Abraham before diving into a mystery story involving Ralph Fiennes as the head of the titular establishment.

You can get to know the colorful characters residing in Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel through this new poster, which highlights the facial hair of the director’s key players (courtesy of Vulture):

Grand Budapest Hotel poster

The trailer is either pure gold or insufferable nonsense, depending on your opinion of Anderson. The language flows like the normal Wes river, and he’s surrounding himself with actors who relish the opportunity to wrap their tongues around Anderson dialogue. There’s a reason why performers like Schwartzman, Tilda Swinton, Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Adrian Brody, Edward Norton and more line up to read more of Anderson’s screenplays on screen, and when the director’s dialogue is delivered properly, it’s pure poetry.

At the same time, if you don’t appreciate the way Anderson tells a story, this might be nails on a chalkboard for you. He certainly sticks to his blueprint, deviating ever so slightly from film to film. I love his work, and can not wait for Budapest, which reaches theaters on March 7, 2014. Do the trailers and poster pique your interest? Are you one of the ones who embrace Anderson’s stories? I mean, that cast alone should be enough to get you in the theater next year, no? In case you missed it, here is the first trailer for Hotel. Enjoy!

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