What Bothers Chris Pratt About The Jurassic World Trailer

As if we needed another excuse to adore Chris Pratt, he proved once again that he’s just a humble, good guy along for the ride. Recently, Pratt caught a glimpse at the Jurassic World trailer, which he stars in, and confessed that the only thing that bothers him in it, is himself.

In an interview with Vulture, Pratt discussed his own excitement for Jurassic World and his discomfort watching the trailer. He says:

I'm just like, Aw, why did I do that with my eyebrow? Unfortunately, it was one of those things you do as an artist where you're hypercritical about it the first time you see it. I had to take a couple steps back and keep watching it before I was like, 'Oh my God, that is really good.' So it took me two or three times seeing it before I knew it was great, but that's how I was with Guardians of the Galaxy, that's how I was with The Lego Movie, that's how I am with everything I'm in.

Despite all of his recent success, in both film and television, Pratt still manages to stay grounded, and even make fun of himself at times. But seriously, it’s incredible how grounded he is, considering this is basically the year of Pratt, from The Lego Movie to Guardians of the Galaxy to the always lovable Andy on Parks and Recreation, there’s no such thing as too much Pratt these days. Anything he does just brings about more fans. He can throw a painstakingly awful first pitch at a Cubs game, and still get a standing ovation. But, in respect for his craft, I took a look at the Jurassic World trailer once more, in attempt to figure his nonsensical claim about a misplaced eyebrow. And honestly, I don’t see it. Take another look to see if you can find anything wrong with Pratt (impossible):

There are a few frames where one eyebrow seems a bit higher than the other. But it doesn’t feel out of place. And how can that face do any wrong anyways? I’m more concerned with seeing it get scratched up by this ominous hybrid dinosaur than a couple stray eyebrow raises. Plus, Pratt is a self-confessed Jurassic Park superfan which can only generate a serious attempt at perfecting his performance. And if his performance didn’t bother you, but something else did, Pratt assured that "the movie’s going to be ten times better than the trailer."

The trailer is pretty solid, even Pratt calls it "great" after he watched it a few more times. So giving the film that distinction is quite the claim. We’ll see if Pratt’s standards live up to our own when Jurassic World hits theaters June 12, 2015.