With Guardians of the Galaxy premiering August 1st and Jurassic World currently in filming, things are blowing up for Chris Pratt. That’s been the trend for awhile now, as this actor has snuck his way into award winning films for the past three years. To think that ten years ago this A-list actor was a minor WB sitcom star is astounding, and the story behind it is even better.

Learning about Chris Pratt is literally like hearing a first hand account of a good guy who got lucky. That’s not to say he’s not super talented, but rather everything in his life contributed to the great actor he is today. From the infectious charm he exudes on screen, to the radical body changes he undergoes between roles, this guy is amazing. Bottom line is, Chris Pratt has been Hollywood’s main guy for awhile now, and we just haven’t been paying attention.

Here’s ten things you need to know about him…

Chris Pratt Was Mr. Popular In High School
Before he was Chris Pratt the actor, he was Chris Pratt the athlete. Raised in the town of Lake Stevens, Washington, Pratt was the type of guy who just fit in every social group. He was a fullback for the football team, a track athlete, and a state qualifying wrestler. Friends and peers remember Chris as humble and outgoing, and so well liked they chose him to deliver their graduation speech. As written in local paper piece done by a former classmate…
He was just as popular with the jocks as he was with the preps, stoners and drama kids.

Pratt is still very active in the school to this day. Since graduation he has produced and narrated a documentary for the school’s successful wrestling team. That documentary went on to premiere at ESPN’s film festival, and later MTV’s True Life. It’s incredibly well done, and you can watch it here.

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